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We have made the packets for Distance Learning available on the TMS website. A printed version of Packet 2 will also be available at the  school starting Monday, April 27th through Friday, May 1st from 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. daily. Boxes will be placed outside the Attendance Office door  labeled 7th and 8th grade Packet 2. All packets are available for download below. Please remember for safety concerns, you will not enter the building. The packets will be located outside. Thanks so much.

7th Core Packet 2: /uploaded/TMS/2018-2019_Files/2019-2020_Files/7th_ELA_Distance_Learning_Packet_2.pdf

8th Core Packet 2: /uploaded/TMS/2018-2019_Files/2019-2020_Files/8th_SciencePacket_2.pdf

8th Grade Core Subjects: /uploaded/TMS/2018-2019_Files/2019-2020_Files/8th_Grade_Core_Master_Packet.pdf

TMS Course Selection (Spanish):

TMS- Resources for Distance Learning