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TMS Principal Mark Enis
Mark Enis, TMS Principal

April West
April West-McIntosh, Assistant Principal



Welcome to Tupelo Middle School! As always, our mission at TMS is to put our students first, as they are our most precious resource. We dedicate ourselves to serve our great community and represent our school district with great pride, especially during these pandemic times. I am honored and blessed to be Tupelo Middle School’s Principal, and we are looking forward to becoming the most well rounded middle school in the state. On behalf of the entire staff, we are excited and energized about the 2020-21 school year.

As we prepare for this academic year and the uncertainties with COVID-19, our goal is to provide as normal of a learning experience as possible, while also knowing many will choose our Distance Learning option. Please read this detailed TMS outline as we move forward together to ensure all students reach their potential.

Mark Enis
TMS Principal





Landon Morse
Landon Morse, Assistant Principal