About Our School

At Thomas Street Elementary student learning is our top priority. We strongly believe teachers and parents share responsibility for the education of children.

The partnership formed between school and home is very important. Together, we have the responsibility to educate the whole child. It is our desire to develop each child's sense of wonder, their curiosity about the world and their spirit to learn.

We know that one exciting and proven way to educate the whole child is through arts integration (music, art, movement, drama and creative writing). By helping our students discover the joy of learning and becoming the best they can be, we can ensure that every student experiences success.

The Tupelo Public School District serves the community by engaging each student in an excellent education, provided by a highly-qualified staff, which promotes continuous learning, supports the development of skills required for ongoing success in a rapidly changing global environment, and stimulates robust and effective participation in society.

The mission of Thomas Street Elementary School is to provide a rich learning environment for all students, to instill the desire to pursue academic excellence in preparation for college and careers, and to create lifelong learners who will make a positive difference in their communities and the world.