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Sharing At Christmas Collision Repair Bike Project

The Collision Repair Class Annual Community Service Project began in the Fall of 2017. It allows the students in the course to graciously give back to our community, while at the same time preserving our environment. The Sharing At Christmas Project solicits individuals throughout Mississippi to donate used bikes so the Collision Repair Students can recycle them for give away at Christmas time for Children and Adults that may need some form of activity or transportation that they could not otherwise afford.

If you have questions on how to contribute and/or donate to the "Sharing At Christmas Collision Repair Bike Project", please contact the Tupelo Career-Technical Center office at 662.841.8990. THS Collison Repair Students Pay It Forward (Article created and published by The Daily Journal)

Paying It Forward

students working on bicycles
students working on bicycles
students who worked on bicycles


student working on bicycle