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CPAS Kickoff

MS-CPAS-2 (Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System)

CPAS is an assessment that is taken by occupational students annually. It is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) assessment used to provide a fair means of establishing accountability for CTE programs

Using a student-centered approach, a trained writing team of program area experts work together to design an assessment. Their goal is to accurately evaluate each CTE program. In keeping with national guidelines and our commitment to continual improvement, items on the assessments will be tested for validity and reliability. Assessments are aligned with the CTE program’s curriculum and are revised on the same four-year cycle as the curriculum.

Each year, since 2013 The Tupelo Career-Technical Center has implemented a CPAS Kickoff that takes place prior to the CPAS test, in order to motivate students through encouraging words and an all-out pep rally, where they get the opportunity to showcase their team spirit and creativity for the CPAS.

Motivated For Success