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Hanging Cancer Out To Dry

Hanging Cancer Out To Dry"


As part of an annual breast cancer awareness event that takes place at Tupelo High School;"Pink Out", two Tupelo Career-Technical Center classes; Digital Media Technology and Early Childhood Education joined in and teamed up to participate in bringing students, faculty and staff attention to breast cancer awareness.  In their collaboration they agreed upon a "Hanging Cancer Out to Dry" campaign, where the students designed a T-shirt of their own making or used designs that inspired them to help bring Awareness to Breast Cancer.  Their designs were then transferred onto a pink t-shirt that hung throughout the Vocational Building at THS, so that as students, faculty and staff walked the halls that they would be inspired to support the cause in getting others notified of the importance of being made aware and to encourage them to get informed and pass it on.


Because the day was a huge success, students and teachers are looking forward to making this an annual event and getting more involved in the Annual Breast Cancer Events that take place in Tupelo, Mississippi. 

Hanging Cancer Out To Dry