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TPSD Names Parent of the Year

Karmel Davis Named Parent of the Year Congratulations to the TPSD Parent of the Year, Ms. Karmel S. Davis, from Parkway Elementary! We are so proud of you and know you will a great representative for our district. Thank you to all of the parents for supporting our schools and district!

Dr. Mitzi Moore, Parkway Elementary Principal: "Karmel's dedication extends beyond Parkway's events and her role as incoming PTO President. She not only volunteers her time at Parkway, but can also be found on any given day in a number of other schools across our district. She is a tireless supporter of the Farm to School and Growing Healthy Waves programs. Ms. Davis has dedicated her life to the service and support for the success of others. She has the most genuine, beautiful smile that reflects the true colors of her concern for giving all children an opportunity to experience learning in a positive environment."

Dr. Gearl Loden, TPSD Superintendent: "We are proud to have parents who invest in making the Tupelo Public School District an outstanding place to work and learn. We thank all of the Parents of the Year and extend our most sincere congratulations to Ms. Karmel Davis as the TPSD Parent of the Year."