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Elementary Art


Carver Art

Carver's visual art class is taught by Whitney Greer.  During the school year, students get to explore different art techniques - drawing, painting, collaging, sculpting & process art, along with focusing on famous artists through periods of art.  The process of the student's artwork is just as important as the final product.  Process art brings out a child's creativity and that is why art is so important for our young students.

Joyner Art

Joyner Elementary School has an integrated approach as a WSI (Whole Schools Initiative) school. Joyner believes that every student has differentiated ways of learning not only Arts curriculum but all other curricula as well, so Art concepts, Art History as well as Art Criticism and Aesthetics are woven into many academic lessons as well as taught rigorously within the Art classroom with Ms. Diane Stephens serving as visual art specialist. Students are always encouraged to use their imagination, explore new concepts and problem-solve with abandon while learning and growing along the way!

Parkway Art

Thomas Street Art

The arts are celebrated and valued at Thomas Street Elementary! Thomas Street is the model school for arts integration for our district. Teachers integrate the arts into the classroom curriculum on a daily basis and children also participate in a weekly visual art specialist class with Michelle Guyton. WE LOVE the ARTS at THOMAS STREET ELEMENTARY!

Lawhon Art

Lawhon's art program, taught by Sarah Barrett who has her Bachelor of Fine Arts, strives to teach students art using the elements and principles of art and design. Barrett's intention is to cultivate a love for art, cultures, and the world by enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and emotional development. Students create art they are able to value, which in turn promotes self-esteem.

Lawndale Art

Lawndale Elementary provides quality hands on art experiences for every student in grades 3-5 and exposes students to art history. Lawndale’s visual art class is taught by Elizabeth Owen. At Lawndale, students expand on previous art courses through more in-depth exploration of creating, presenting, and responding to art, while connecting the world of art to other areas of learning and personal endeavors.

Pierce Street Art

Miley Wise is the visual art teacher for Pierce Street.  Students explore the elements and principles of art while learning about the lives and inspiration of famous artists from around the world. This year's focus has been on Grant Wood, Georgia O'keefe, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau, Rosa Bonheur, and Andy Warhol. 

Rankin Art

Rankin Elementary’s visual arts program, taught by Caren Barber,  challenges students in grades 3-5 on multiple levels. Just this past year we participated in Square 1 Art fundraising, held a school wide art show, and offered an after school art club.  We are looking forward to this upcoming school year with great anticipation and hopes of accomplishing even more!  We hope you enjoy our online art exhibit!  

Milam Art