Student Conduct

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The teachers at Pierce Street Elementary School are committed to
establishing an atmosphere throughout the school
in which children will feel safe, secure, happy,
and have a maximum opportunity to learn.

Student Code of Conduct

  1. Students should:
  •    Exhibit positive and respectful behavior at all times
  •    Respect school and personal property
  •    Be courteous to everyone
  •    Bring only necessary items to school
  •    Walk, not run
  •    Exhibit the P.R.I.D.E. characteristics at all times Prepared, Respectful, Integrity, Dependable, Enthusiastic

Code of Conduct Board Policy

District Discipline Supervisors:
Mrs. Kim Britton, Elementary
Dr. Brock English, Secondary

Student Discipline

School is a place that provides rewarding experiences for a group of students working together daily.  In order for each student to reap all the benefits that Pierce Street Elementary offers, it is imperative that discipline and order be maintained consistently. Our goal is to promote an atmosphere within the school that is conducive to learning while protecting the rights of students.  Therefore, no student’s behavior will be allowed to interfere with the learning opportunities of others.  Parental involvement with the school is essential for a positive school environment.  Parents are required to attend conferences, and to provide current emergency contact information.  Parents are also required to make arrangements for their child if he/she is suspended from school. In order to minimize student discipline issues, parents should discuss with their children the importance of good behavior and good attitudes while in school. While the primary responsibility for conduct rests with the student, collaboration between the parents and the school is the best discipline intervention. 

Student Discipline Grades 3-5 Board Policy

Classroom Discipline Procedures

Pierce St. Elementary Rules and Consequences are the same for each classroom; the rules support our PSE
P.R.I.D.E. in an effort to ensure: 
  • RULES are followed by students at all times.
  • CONSEQUENCES are consistent when students choose not to follow the rules.  
  • Teachers will follow the PSE Consequence ladder prior to sending a student to the office.


All teachers will have a classroom management plan in place based on the following disciplinary guidelines. The principal must approve the plan. Each classroom management plan will include some type of parent contact and/or conferencing as one of its steps. The plan will be based on these district-wide elementary rules:
A.    Respect the rights and property of others.
B.    Be responsible for your own actions.
C.    Be resourceful with your assets and abilities.
It should include all procedures for:
  •   Use of classroom space and facilities.
  • Use of other parts of the school.
  • Whole class activities and seat work.
  • Small group activities.
  • Keeping students accountable for their work  
  • Beginning and end of day activities.
  • Administrative and housekeeping chores.
  • Special activities and safety rules.
  • Time out within the classroom.
Prior to sending a student to the office for disciplinary infraction, steps are taken within the classroom to correct misbehaviors. Teachers document these corrections with a low-level referral form. Low level forms should be attached to discipline referrals if/when the teacher refers to student to the principal.  However serious infractions require immediate referral to the office. All administrators are trained with the TPSD discipline ladder. 


PSE Consequence Ladder

Depending on the severity of the offense, the discipline ladder may be entered at any point.
Step 1  
  1. Warning  
    Parent/Guardian Contact
  2. Time-out of class  
    Parent/Guardian Contact  
    Removal from ladder if not referred to office for twenty school days from date of entry into ladder
  3.  Overnight Required Conferences (ORC)  
    Parent/Guardian Conference  
    Removal from ladder if not referred to office for twenty school days from date of entry into ladder
  4. Administrative Detention-2hours  
    Parent/Guardian Contact  
    Probation for twenty school days
  5. 1/2 day-1 day In-School Suspension (ISS)
    Parent/Guardian Contact   
    Probation for twenty school days
  6.  2-3 days In-School Suspension (ISS)
    Parent/Guardian Conference
    Probation for twenty school days
  7. 1-3 days Out-Of-School suspension (OSS)
    Parent/Guardian Conference
    Probation for twenty school days
  8. Up to 10 days Out-Of-School suspension  
    Parent/Guardian Conference   
    Probation for twenty school days
  9.  Alternative assignment  
    Out of school suspension up to 10 days pending a district disciplinary committee hearing; Parent/ Guardian Conference prior to hearing  
10. Expulsion

Definitions and Exceptions