Health and Wellness

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Student Health and Wellness

We are concerned about the health of all of our children. Students who display signs of illness should not be sent to school.  Pierce Street will have access to the services of a school nurse.  If a child becomes ill or is injured at school he/she will be cared for temporarily.  The parent/guardian will be contacted immediately and expected to pick up the child within the hour.  

                                                      *IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS ARE KEPT CURRENT.

Medication Procedures

Parents must request in writing that medication prescribed for their child be provided by school officials and must read and sign a copy of this policy, which will be kept on file by the principal. Medicines must be brought to the principal or designee by the parents in the original container with the pharmacy information label attached listing the name of the prescribing physician, name of the medicine, dosage and instructions for administration.
         1.    The instructions should be specific, such as “before meals” or “with food,” etc.
         2.    Medicines will only be administered in accordance with the specific instructions on the original container pharmacy label.
         3.    No more than a forty-five (45) school day supply of medication will be stored at the school. The principal or designee should
                 return to the parent, or
                destroy with permission of the parent, any unused, discontinued or obsolete medication.
          4.    Medicine which is not repossessed by the parent within seven (7) days of notification by school authorities will be destroyed
                 by the principal or designee
                 in the presence of a witness.
If the student’s physician has prescribed an over the counter medication for the student, it must be in an unopened, original container, with a pharmacy label showing the student’s name, directions for administration and the recommended dosage. If the prescribing physician has given the parent a sample medication, the container must be labeled as stated herein.

Self-Administration of Asthma and Anaphylaxis Medication$
Students may self-administer asthma and anaphylaxis medication only in accordance with state law and Board policy. Each student with asthma or anaphylaxis is required to have an Asthma Action Plan (AAP) or Allergic Reaction Care Plan (ARCP), signed by his/her healthcare provider and updated annually, on file at the student’s school. Neither the District nor its employees shall, by law, be liable for any injury sustained by the student who has self-administered asthma or anaphylaxis medication.
Access to all stored medication will be limited to the principal or designee who will witness the administration of the medication.The following procedures will be followed in case of a medical emergency as may be deemed appropriate:
  • Call 911
  • Notify school nurse
  • Notify parent/guardian
  • Notify private physician