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student in tunnel

Mario PBIS Obstacle Course

Counselor and students

Happy Counselor's Week


TCTC Students Lending
a Helping Hand!


100 Days Smarter

Celebrating 100
Days of School


Ready to Get Back to Work!


Merry Christmas!

Amy White, Carmen Gary, Jamie Osborne, Robin Haire

Congratulations Christal Chapman
23-24 G.I.F.T. Winner

teachers dressed up

Trick or Treat~

Parkway students

Surf's Up, Go Wave!

students on float

Let's Go Wave!


Making New Friends!


Welcome to Parkway!

adults with backpacks

Oren Dunn, Thanks for the Backpacks

welcome back

Tupelo Public School District

Your Story. Our Purpose.

Everyone has a story. Every child has a story. Tupelo has a story. Our purpose at TPSD is to be a part of your child’s story. Through exceptional educational experiences, together we create Tupelo’s story.

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