About Our School

History of Our School

The first block school was built on the present site in 1891. The old building was torn away in 1927 to make room for a magnificent new building said to be the handsomest in the state. A tornado destroyed the school on April 5, 1936. Two buildings were built after the tornado and the building on Gloster street was named Milam Elementary school after the superintendent Tom Milam. Tupelo High School was housed in the other building. When a new high school was built on Varsity Drive in 1961 Milam Elementary School began to occupy both buildings. The building on Gloster Street burned and was replaced by the present building in 1982. The annex on Jefferson Street was added in 1996. There have been several grade configurations at Milam, including a single sixth grade school, in its history.


  • To offer a program to meet the academic, intellectual, social, moral, physical, and emotional needs of the elementary school child.
  • To develop the basic skills necessary for learning and for the art of communication.
  • To encourage the use of all the learning processes: inquiry, exploratory, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and convergent and divergent thinking.
  • To provide experiences that strengthen the students' belief in the democratic system by shaping attitudes, stimulating beliefs, and providing knowledge.
  • To teach by example and instruction an acceptance of differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds and that each individual has worth and should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To prepare the students to be adaptable to his/her future world by teaching flexibility.
  • To employ the use of technology to deliver a comprehensive curriculum.
  • To enrich the curriculum through a fine arts elective rotation program.
  • To provide a varied curriculum to develop the total individual.
  • To encourage a better understanding of the needs of our students by working with parents and community.
  • To strengthen the student's educational experiences through the use of community resources.
  • To provide opportunities to develop habits and attitudes necessary for future employment.
  • To provide continuous and timely evaluation, assessment, and feedback to make students and parents aware of their progress.
  • To teach a sense of responsibility to self, family and community.
  • To teach and model exemplary character.


Milam Elementary School will serve our community by providing a quality education where students are learning, achieving, and succeeding.

National BETA School of Distinction 20-21