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TPSD Board/Superintendent Communications

The board expects:

  1. A regular communication from Dr. Picou weekly.
  2. To be notified by text as soon as possible for:
    • School emergency (lockdown, fire, etc.)
    • Student emergency (arrest, serious injury, death)
    • Staff emergency (arrest, serious injury, death)
  3. To receive board packets and supporting documentation 4 days before the scheduled Tuesday board meeting.
  4. That board members will treat each other and staff with respect.
  5. That the superintendent and staff will treat all board members with respect.
  6. That reasonable requests for additional information will be satisfied in a timely manner.
  7. No surprises!

The superintendent expects:

  1. The request for additions to the agenda will be received at least 4 days before the meeting.
  2. That board members will be respectful toward staff and be respectful of staff’s time.
  3. That board members will read all supporting documentation before the board meeting.
  4. That board members will call the superintendent with questions about agenda items or supporting materials at least 4 days before the scheduled board meeting.
  5. No surprises!