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TPSD Board/Community Communications

  1. Board members will serve as ambassadors for their district, emphasizing the positive aspects of the district.
  2. Community meetings should be organized by staff and properly noticed so that all board members can attend.
  3. The Superintendent and the Marketing and Communications director will serve as the spokesperson(s) for the district with the media.
  4. The board president and the Marketing and Communications Director will serve as the spokesperson(s) for the board with the media.
  5. Board members may contact TPSD Cabinet members directly. It is the responsibility of the cabinet member to notify the superintendent of contact from a board member.
  6. Complaints received from staff or the community will be directed through the appropriate chain of command or to the superintendent.
    • Complaints should be in writing and processed per policy.
    • The board is the last stop in the complaint process.
    • Board members have no authority to solve problems.
    • Board members can ensure that complaints are addressed.