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The Tupelo Public School District serves the community by engaging each
student in an excellent education that develops skills and citizenship
needed for success in a global society.


Goal 1: Increase student achievement across the District.
•  Ensure a rigorous standards based curriculum with rich resources and evidenced based
instructional strategies.
•  Provide data driven academic supports to close the achievement gap.
•  Demonstrate an accelerated growth model for all students.
•  Emphasize writing across the curriculum.
•  Enhance creative arts P-12.
•  Increase student engagement and motivation.
Goal 2: Provide a safe, secure and orderly environment in all schools.
•  Maintain multi-levels of security protocols that include infrastructure, crisis management, and trained personnel.
•  Promote consistently high expectations and support for students and staff in classroom and school-wide behavior.
•  Develop an alternative model for wrap around services that include social/emotional support.
•  Expect professional behavior from all employees.
•  Structure the environment  for successful positive behavior and relationships.
Goal 3: Attract and retain all stakeholders.
•  Identify ALL stakeholders and their needs.
•  Brand and promote our value.
•  Build a strong communication structure that allows TPSD to hear from our stakeholders and relays vital information to our stakeholders.
Goal 4: Maintain sound financial stability.
•  Provide resources in alignment with board goals and demonstrated  needs provided by the school communities.
•  Provide site specific budget support throughout the fiscal year.
Goal 5: Ensure ALL graduates are career/college ready.
•  Emphasize creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
•  Promote information literacy, technology literacy, leadership, initiative, productivity, social skills, and adaptability.