2024-25 Student Handbook


Talina Knight, Principal
Dear Student,

Welcome to Lawndale Elementary School! You are now part of a caring family of people who want to help you learn, grow, and achieve. There are so many wonderful opportunities awaiting our students; and we hope you will take advantage of each experience in order to connect with others, expand your knowledge, develop your talents, and blossom into a successful young lady or gentleman. Our goal is to provide a safe, positive, and challenging learning environment that will afford every child the chance to excel in academics, athletics, and fine arts and to grow into more positive, contributing members of our school and community.
Our values in Tupelo Public School District are rooted in the idea of “One Single Heartbeat,” meaning when people with great resolve come together and do whatever is necessary to achieve a common purpose, we can fulfill a dream. Therefore, at Lawndale, we will strive to have HEART (Have a positive attitude, Expect success, Accept responsibility, Respect ourselves and others, and Think before acting). Together we can make this one of the best school years ever, and I look forward to experiencing it with you.

Talina Knight, Principal


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