Distance Learning

Due to Mississippi school closures that will extend through April 17, Lawhon Elementary students will be able to continue their studies Monday, March 30 via Google Classroom and packets that will be mailed to families who requested hard copies. Lawhon teachers will connect to students using Google Classrooms that students can access while they are not in school. This website/app enables teachers to upload resources, post assignments, schedule Google Meets and share links to instructional videos. This link will direct you to the relevant Google Classroom class codes needed to access classes: Lawhon Google Classroom Codes  Each student knows their username and password to access Google Classroom. However, please see the information below for detailed instructions to follow if a student does not have access to Google Classroom.

      How can my child access Google Classroom?

This can be accessed via the website https://classroom.google.com/ from a laptop or computer. If you have access to smart devices (smart phones/tablets) there is also a free Google Classroom App that can be downloaded, where students can access their specific classes.

      How does my child log on to Google Classroom?

Each student has a unique log in: username and password.

Username – This is your child’s current username for the school’s network (first initial, middle initial, and last name @tupeloschools.com with no spaces). See my username below as an example. In some cases, students use a number after their last name to make their login name unique to avoid duplication. Your child should know their login name, but if you have questions, contact Kama Smith at kqsmith@tupeloschools.com

Password – It is their MSIS number.  Teachers will provide your child’s code.  If you have not received a code by Sunday, please contact your child’s teacher via email.

      How does my child access a class for each subject?

Teachers have created a classroom for all of their classes. These classes will be titled with the subject and/or the teacher’s name. On creating a class, teachers have generated a unique Google Classroom code, which allows only those students within that class to access the materials.

For class codes please refer to the following link: Lawhon Google Classroom Codes

Following log in to Google Classroom, students should then go to the top right of the screen where they will see a ‘+’ sign. Students must click on this and select ‘join class.’ A box will then appear on screen where students must enter the class code for that particular class and then select join.

      Once my child has joined a class what should they do then?

Once a student has accessed the individual class, there will be directions in there from the individual teacher for what needs to be completed.

      What if my child’s login doesn’t work?

Please contact Kama Smith at kqsmith@tupeloschools.com  with any questions about login problems.

      How much time does my child need to spend on the posted assignments?

Assignments will require students to spend 15-20 minutes focused on learning objectives. Please refer to district and teacher provided resources for supplemental instructional material.

      How do I contact my child's teacher with questions?

Many teachers use School Status or Remind as a direct form of communication, but another option is to email the teacher.

Here is a link to the district's staff directory: https://www.tupeloschools.com/district/staff-directory

      If a Lawhon Elementary teacher schedules a Google Meet, how will my child connect to the Meet?

  1. The teacher will post a specific time with instructions in Google Classroom when the child should join a Google Meet.
  2. Students will check Google Classroom at the assigned time for a link to join the Meet.
  3. Students will click the link to join the meeting.
  4. Students will be asked to give Google Meet access to their camera and mics.
  5. Students will click Join Now to join the teacher and other students.

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