2023-24 Student Handbook


Wesley McCullough,, Principal

On, behalf of the staff and administration at Lawhon Elementary school, I want to say welcome! I am so excited to work alongside you in our journey towards academic excellence. Our goal at Lawhon Elementary is to grow our students academically and personally. Our daily mission will be to provide our students with the tools they need to be successful, lifelong learners, and productive members of society.
As lifelong learners, we all share a role in our students' success stories. We will do everything in our power to support our students an provide them every opportunity for academic and personal success. At Lawhon, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to create and maintain a safe, disciplined learning environment. Working together, we will reflect, evaluate, and strive to always make sure that everything that we do in in the best interest of our students.
Whenever there is proven student success and progress, there is almost always a great number of stakeholders involved that are actively pouring into that child. We want to encourage you as parents/guardians to walk with us on your child's educational journal. Your dedication to excellence and your support will be vital in ensuring the success of our school and the development of our students. We have high expectations for administration, teachers, students, and staff; together, we will work to grow a culture and climate that is welcoming, safe, and conducive to learning of all kinds. Working together as one unit, ONE SINGLE HEARTBEAT, we can achieve our goal of academic excellence and personal growth. I am so excited to grow with you as we move forward into new opportunities to positively impact young lives.
All the best,
Wesley McCullough, Principal

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