2023-2024 Student Handbook


Kim Foster, Principal


The next school year is about to begin and I could not be more thrilled to Taco 'Bout all the adventures we have in store together.  Joyner is known for its' excellent students whom we call, JOEYS!  Do you know what a joey is?  Take a minute to find pictures of joeys, baby kangaroos, before school starts.  We will spend time in August discovering how our Joyner Joeys can be respectful, responsible, resourceful, & safe together.  Be assured we are tickled you will be joining us on the Express to Success in our classrooms, on our playgrounds, in our cafeteria, through our hallways, exploring our activities areas and everywhere in between as we travel JOYNER together!  The Staff at Joyner join me in saying Welcome Aboard!
Kim Foster, Principal



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