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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Student Attendance - What do I need to do to get my child's absence excused?

A child's absence can be medically excused if he/she has a written excuse from a physician and that paperwork is received by our Main Office no later than two days after the child returns to school from the given absence. Parents are also provided two parental excuses each semester, if those notes are in writing and submitted in the same time frame as noted above.

2. Can I come eat lunch with my child?
Yes, we love for parents to come eat lunch with their child. We encourage this for special days such as birthdays, honor celebrations, etc. Due to limited space if the cafeteria, we ask that you join your child in the "Extended Café' adjacent to our lunchroom. This close proximity will allow for you to help your child maintain the arrival/departure schedule of his/her peers.

3. How often does my child get to check out books from the Media Center?

Our students are given multiple opportunities to check-out books through-out each week. The Media Center is a part of our Specials rotation which allows for regular check-out. Our Media Center is also open each morning from 7:30-8:00 for book check-out to happen as students are ready to select new text.

Accelerated Reader,also known as AR will begin after Labor Day for our 1st and 2nd graders, which will support and increase the frequency of your child's book check-out. Joyner students also have access to ebooks as available. Contact Mrs.Emily Elkin, Joyner Media Specialist, for additional information about ebooks.

4. What and When is Joynerville Junction?

2017-2018 Joynerville Junction Celebrations celebrations, often called "JJ" allow our students to set goals and be recognized for obtaining those goals through out the school year. Second grade classes take turns serving as leaders for these events. First grade classes rotate playing hand bells. Students in kindergarten, first, and second grades will be high lighted once throughout the course of the school year. JJ will be held on the first Friday of each month beginning in September, in our Joyner Gym with Joey arriving at 1:45 p.m. start time. Written invitations are sent home to parents for students of classes serving as leaders each month as well as to those students who will be recognized for their academic achievement.

5. Arrival and Dismissal Times
Instruction Begins- 7:50
Dismissal- 3:05
Early Dismissal-12:05