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SDP Handbook/Commitment

Our Commitment

School's Commitment

• We will work tirelessly to ensure that your child secures the academic knowledge and skills to prepare him/her for their upcoming future.

• We will embrace and model the values of caring, respect, responsibility, and work to instill them in all our students.

• We will open our doors ready to accept students at 7:30 am and will remain open until 3:10 pm.

• We will always come to class prepared and will continually engage students in the challenging, rigorous work that paves the way for success in school and life.

• We will communicate with you regularly about your child’s performance and make ourselves available in person and/or by telephone. We will try to return your call within 24 hours.

• We will enforce the Code of Conduct consistently and fairly. If your child is suspended, we will notify you of the reason.

Student's Commitment

• I commit to consistently work, think, and behave in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct and will do whatever it takes for me and my classmates to learn and prepare myself for the global world.

• I will arrive to school every day by 7:30 am.

• I will remain at school daily until 3:10 pm unless there is an emergency.

• I will attend The Structured Day Program from the beginning of my assignment through completion.

• l will wear my uniform to school every day and adhere to the Structured Day Program’s dress code.

• I will raise my hand and ask questions in class if I do not understand something.

• I will embrace and consistently model the values of caring, respect, responsibility and honesty.

• I am responsible for my own behavior and I will follow the faculty, staff, administrator and security officers directions. If I make a mistake, I will tell the truth to my teachers and administrator, accept responsibility for my actions, and sincerely apologize for those who I have wronged.

Parents'/Guardians Commitment


• We will ensure that our child comes to school every day by 7:30 am.

• We will make sure that our child promptly makes up missed work following absences.

• We understand the school day ends at 3:10 pm.

• We understand that the school year runs from the beginning of August through May.

• We will telephone the school prior to 8:00 am, no later than 10:00 am on the day of any absence to report why our child is out.

• We understand that every three unexcused tardies or early dismissals will be recorded as an unexcused absence on our child’s record and put him/her at risk of repeating the grade.

Promotion Policy

• We understand that our child must pass all core subjects in order to be promoted to the next grade for students in grades 3-8. The core subjects are mathematics, English, science, and social studies. More than one failure will result in retention. Grades 9-12 will be promoted based on the number of credits earned. Grades of students will be discussed at the intake meeting.


• We have read, understand and support the Code of Conduct including all its rules, rewards and disciplinary consequences.

• We understand that if our child is suspended that he/she shall be picked up from school on the day of the offense and that we will have to accompany the child for a meeting with the principal at the end of the suspension in order for the child to return to class.

Family Support

• We agree to attend Parent-Teacher Conference so we may collect our child’s report card and to meet with his/her teachers.

• We agree to support our child’s academic work by communicating regularly with our child’s teachers.

• We understand that we are not required to sign this contract as a term of our child’s admission to the Structured Day Program.