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Positive Behavior Support

The Early Childhood Education Center implements a behavioral process called Positive Behavior Support “PBS”. PBS aims to build an emotionally safe environment in which positive behavior is more likely to occur. The components of the plan are creating expectations, rules, reinforcement, and intervention strategies.

The Early Childhood Education Center’s Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are designed so that the children will be busy and engaged in activities. If a child breaks a rule, the teacher and child will discuss the problem and the child will be redirected to another activity.
However, if a child continually breaks a rule, the teacher and the child will work towards conflict resolution through our plan of Think, Talk, and Do. If the problem continues, we will send a note home or call you and we can discuss a solution. Your support and input are critical.

ECEC also works together to improve school climate through use of the Safe and Civil Schools approach. Strategies outlined in their resource, Champs: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management, are practiced. See our district website at for more information on Safe and Civil Schools and the Champs approach.

Code of Conduct Board Policy

District Discipline Supervisors:
Mrs. Kim Britton, Elementary
Dr. Brock English, Secondary

Classroom Rules

Listen and learn

Use Kind words and encourage others

Take turns and share

Think before acting

Talk it over

Conflict Resolution Plan

THINK - Think about other things to do!

TALK - Talk it over with your classmates.

DO - Do make good choices.




Positive Reinforcements

The following is a list of some types of positive reinforcement that will be used in celebrating appropriate behaviors:
  • Lots of praise
  • Special surprises
  • Happy notes home
  • Classroom nutritional treats
  • Recognition from Mrs. Coon
  • PBS Events

Definitions and Exceptions