Health and Wellness

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Student Health and Wellness

Form 121: Form 121 from the Health Department
must be updated and completed and be on file at ECEC
before your child will be able to start the program.


Health and Safety of Children

The health and safety of the children of ECEC is a high priority. The following guidelines should be at the forefront in the minds of parents and students:
  • Children who have definite signs of fever, colds or other illnesses should not be sent to school.
  • If a child becomes ill or is injured at school, he or she will be cared for temporarily.
  • Parents will be notified and expected to pick the child up in a timely manner.
  • It is therefore crucial that emergency phone numbers are kept current.

Absences Due to Illness

We request you call the Early Childhood Education Center at (662) 840-5237 to inform us when your child is absent. Excused absences shall include: parental excused absences or medical excused absences. These excuses must be received within two days of the absence. A parent/guardian can substantiate the absence by sending, emailing, or faxing a signed note or medical excuse to the school. Before returning to school, if your child is sick, he/she must be fever-free without medication, not vomiting or nauseated, or with no signs of diarrhea for 24 hours.

Medication at School

Students who take medication at school should have a signed permission forms and a copy of the doctor’s orders on file in the office. Medication must be in a pharmacy labeled bottle or container, which will be kept under lock and key and administered by two designated adults. Headache medication, cough drops, etc. are not available at school. If you have medical concerns, please contact the school office.
Medications at School
If your your child should need prescription medicine to be given at school, you must first go to the office and fill out the proper paperwork and have the doctor sign a Permission to Give Medication form from the school. Our nurse, Bonnie McMillan, will want to speak with you about the need for medication at school.

Important things to remember about medication to be given at school:
  • Proper paper work must be filled out. Medication and forms will be kept in the office. Medication will need to be in the original container with the information label attached.
  • The student cannot transport any medication to or from the school. The parent will have to bring the medicine to the office and hand it to the secretary or nurse. If your doctor should prescribe an antibiotic to be given during school hours, you will have to come to the school to give the medicine.
  • We do not give any over the counter medication including cough drops.


TPSD Board Policy JGCDC regarding medications at school is available on the TPSD Website upon request.
Illness at School
Nursing Services through TPSD are available on an as needed basis. When a pupil becomes ill at school, we try to contact parents first. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is sick. Please notify the school immediately if your contact numbers should change.