Haley Stewart, Principal

Jennifer Homan, Counselor

Mrs. Stewart brings a background as an early childhood and kindergarten teacher, as well as an instructional coach for TPSD. She served as a classroom teacher at Parkway Elementary 2006-2015, and as an instructional coach for Thomas Street and Parkway Elementary schools 2015-2017. Mrs. Stewart holds a Bachelor’s of Elementary Education from Mississippi State University and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.

Welcome to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Early Childhood Education Center. The focus of the program includes: developing individuals who are literate, demonstrating thinking and reasoning skills and behaviors, using fine and gross motor skills in appropriate ways, exhibiting skills in communication, solving problems in non-combative ways by cooperating with peers as well as adults in the learning environment, exhibiting a love of learning, and utilizing small and large group instructional groups.

Each classroom of twenty children is taught by a highly qualified licensed teacher and qualified assistant. Bus transportation is provided for Pre-Kindergarten children only and at least two monitors ride the buses with the children. Each bus is equipped with car seats and seat belts.

We place an emphasis on parent involvement which includes parent volunteers, classroom activities, take-home projects, parent conferences, workshops, and field trips.