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Students will be allowed 6 cumulative tardies to 1st through 7th periods for the entire school year.

Consequences for excessive tardies are as follows:

  • 6th Tardy: Parent Conference

  • 7th Tardy: Office Referral- admin./parent/student Conference assign 1 day of administrative detention
  • 8th Tardy: Office Referral- 1 day In-School Suspension (ISS) and parent contact
  • 9th Tardy: Office Referral- 2 days ISS and parent contact
  • 10th Tardy: Office Referral- 3 days ISS with admin./parent conference

  • 11th Tardy: Office Referral-1 day of Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)

  • *12th Tardy: Office Referral- 1-3 days OSS and parent contact

*Once a student reaches this level, every other tardy will result in an office referral resulting in OSS.

***Students that are tardy/absent BUT have a doctor’s note will be excused accordingly.

***Excuses must be turned in to the attendance clerk in writing within 3 days of the absence