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Tupelo Middle School Exemption Policy
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A student may choose to be exempt from second semester exams provided the following requirements have been met:
  • The student has not missed more than five (5) days/periods in the class (excused or unexcused*) during the second semester for full credit courses.     
  • The student has not received a referral for excessive tardies during the semester in that class.
  • The student has not received ISS or OSS during the semester.
  • The student has an eighty-five (85) or above average in the class.
  • The course is NOT a prerequisite course for SATP.
  • The student has not been placed in the Structured Day Program during the school year.
Scheduling of competition or performances in extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, clubs, speech, debate, drama, choral music and other related student activities is prohibited on a day immediately preceding the administration of terms tests and semester examinations. In addition, a rehearsal, meeting or practice associated with student activities will be concluded prior to 6:00 p.m. on a day immediately preceding term tests and semester examinations

An exception will be considered when an organization or group outside the Tupelo Public School District schedules a student activity event. However, participation in such events must have the written prior approval of the principal.

Schools will operate with closed campuses during each nine-week exam period. Students will remain on campus for the duration of the exam day. Principals and/or their designees will have the discretion to excuse students in cases of hardship or emergency such as sickness, injury and medical care.
*School related absences do not affect exemption status. In other words, students may still be exempt if school related absences cause the total number of absences to exceed the exemption limit.
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