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A Comprehensive Curriculum
The Early Childhood Education Center is excited about our pilot year of the pre-kindergarten component of the Reading Street program which is being implemented in the elementary grades of TPSD.
Opening the World of Learning ™ in English and Spanish (OWL) is a comprehensive pre-kindergarten program that will help you create an effective and developmentally appropriate classroom. An OWL classroom is a lively classroom, one that is full of books, songs, stories, and conversations. An OWL classroom is one in which children experiment and explore. In a OWL classroom, children engage in purposeful and playful learning experiences and develop academically, socially and emotionally.
Instruction in OWL is systematic and addresses all domains of learning s listed below. OWL also focuses on key learning goals within each domain and is designed to ensure that all Pre-K children have the opportunity to work towards attaining these goals.
*Social Emotional Development
*Language and Communication
*Emergent Literacy: Reading
*Emergent Literacy: Writing
*Social Studies
*Fine Arts
*Physical Development