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Foundations of Frog Street Press
"Sing and Read" Collection
1. Phonemic Awareness
   Supports reading first
2. Concepts of Print
   Research based strategies and practices
3. Fluency
   Teacher Choice Award
4. Written Expression
   Meets No Child Left Behind
5. Language
   Vocabulary Development
6. Read Aloud
   Developed by teachers
7. Professional Development
   Developmentally Appropriate Standards
Frog Street Press systematically develops beginning reading and writing skills through multi-sensory activities and classroom instruction. The learning system is aligned with Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children, State Educational Standards and is designed for use in all Early Literacy Programs. Frog Street Press provides countless opportunities for rich language exchange between teachers and children. Children hear and have opportunities to use a wide variety of words as a result of the content, the process of playing, and interactions they have with adults and peers while playing and learning.