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Parents & Guardians,

The Culmination Project will provide your student an opportunity to showcase pertinent skills (reading, writing, speaking, thinking, time-management, organizational, and collaborative) in a four-part process. The components of the project include a paper, a portfolio, a project, and an oral and visual presentation.
Please note that this experience cannot solely rely upon what your student already knows but must generate new learning and growth - a learning stretch. A successful project involves parental and teacher support as well as student initiative, self-discipline, and teamwork. Culmination Project will afford students opportunities to meet and to learn from community leaders who will serve in various capacities such as mentors and as motivational speakers. Therefore, it is necessary for your student to maintain a high level of academic and communal integrity and respect.
As aforementioned, teamwork is an important aspect of Culmination Project. Your student will work in a team of four; teams of three or five students will be formed only when necessary. Although you student will work within a team, assessments and grades will be based primarily on individual efforts. Meeting deadlines, working with teammates, and contributing to and completing each component of the project is important to your student's evaluations.
In the weeks and months ahead, your student will engage in authentic learning and acquire skills, knowledge, and real-life experiences. Remember that as each day passes, graduation approaches. All emotions and perseverance will be rewarded. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Culmination Project Committee.
THS Culmination Project Committee