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                              THS Wave Zone

THS Wave Zone is the Marketing and Economics Lab.  Its setup is that of a school store that is utilized to provide a foundation of skills and knowledge related to basic principles of marketing, related economic fundamentals, marketing planning, and sales and distribution.  Marketing and Economics and CPE (COOP) students have the opportunity to acquire employability skills that will increase their knowledge base for college entrance and/or career readiness beyond their high school career.

The store is also utilized as an opportunity for other CTE (vocational) occupational programs to showcase skills learned through project-based learning where an actual product is produced; so look for our seasonal Specialty Items made by CTE (vocational) students.

Please note the store hours will vary based on curriculum needs for the marketing and economics students and COOP students.

We appreciate your patriotism and look forward to your shopping with us.

Lab Hours:

Monday:       1:43pm - 3:20pm
Tuesday:       11:09am - 3:20pm
Wednesday:  1:43pm - 3:20pm
Thursday:     11:09am - 3:20pm
Friday:          1:43pm - 3:20pm
Please remember this is a lab, so there may be some days that it will not be open.