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Parent/Teacher Organizations

Parents are a vital part of our student, school, and district success. Each school in the Tupelo Public School District is supported by an active Parent/Teacher organization. These volunteer groups work closely with administrators, teachers, and staff to provide supplemental resources, hands-on assistance, and encouragement throughout the year in a variety of ways.
All parents are encouraged to join your child(ren)'s Parent/Teacher organization. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for parent involvement and support. 
Visit your school's website for more information on meeting times, specific involvement opportunities, and officer contact information.


The Joyner PTA meets the first Tuesday of every month at noon.  All parents are invited to attend.  Each parent has the opportunity to get involved by selecting areas of interest in which they would be willing to participate.  Thanks in advance for your dedication to the service of the children of Joyner Elementary!
If you have any questions about PTA, please don't hesitate to contact one of the officers listed below:
PTA Officers:
President - Meg Curtis
Vice - President - Jessica Ridgeway -Barnes
Treasurer - Gwen Cordell
Secretary -Lesley Tackitt