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Mission / Beliefs


Joyner Elementary School is committed to developing a strong foundation of learning for all students. Academic growth is enhanced through providing a safe environment, recognizing individual differences, emphasizing innovative thinking and creating academic expectations. Through a shared vision by teachers, parents and community, Joyner Elementary School strives for excellence in education.



  • All students can learn, all students can achieve, and all students can succeed.
  • Learning is enhanced when developing appropriate and varied instructional approaches are provided.
  • Active participation creates optimal learning.
  • Individual student achievement should be monitored through formal and informal assessments.
  • High student expectations yield higher student performance and accomplishments.
  • Student learning is promoted through a safe and comfortable environment.
  • All students are expected to achieve proficiency in mathematics, language, and reading.
  • Each student is unique and warrants positive respect to enhance self-esteem.
  • Successful students are the result of a shared responsibility among the teachers, parents, and community.