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Parent/Teacher Organizations

Parents are a vital part of our student, school, and district success. Each school in the Tupelo Public School District is supported by an active Parent/Teacher organization. These volunteer groups work closely with administrators, teachers, and staff to provide supplemental resources, hands-on assistance, and encouragement throughout the year in a variety of ways.
All parents are encouraged to join your child(ren)'s Parent/Teacher organization. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for parent involvement and support. 
Visit your school's website for more information on meeting times, specific involvement opportunities, and officer contact information.

Thomas St. PTO NEWS

Thomas Street PTO is excited about the opportunities we have available this year.  Please look below and find ways you can get involved.  We would love for your to join us in partnering with the school to help make learning fun and engaging.  We are here to support and encourage our administration, faculty, and children.

Welcome to Thomas Street Elementary School!

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are excited about the upcoming school year. The Thomas Street Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is excited about the opportunities that we have to help the school and our children. If you would like to join the PTO, please complete and return this form. Thomas Street PTO hopes to have an open line of communication with our parents and teachers this year. We plan to utilize email as our primary means of communication, so please be sure to include your email address below. 

The Thomas Street PTO will hold two general meetings each semester. The date and time of these meetings will be announced by mid-September. The Thomas Street PTO Board will meet the second Wednesday of each month at 11:45 at Thomas Street Elementary. The monthly PTO Board meetings are open to any PTO member to attend and hear the issues being discussed. We encourage you to join us in these meetings if at all possible.

Below are some of the areas that you can volunteer to help this school year. If you would like to be involved in any of these areas, please select them now and we will arrange for someone to contact you. If you want to be involved but aren’t sure where you would like to volunteer, please let us know that too by selecting the last option.

Should you want any additional information, please feel free to contact President, Paige Scruggs (paigescruggs@comcast.net) or Vice- President Ashley Goralczyk (ashleygoralczyk@yahoo.com).  Also, PTO general email address is thomasstreetpto@gmail.com. Secretary- Lisa Martin, and Treasurer- Patti Hammock. 

_____ Great American Fundraiser (August) – the kids help raise money by selling wrapping paper, gifts and such. This is our largest fundraiser. Volunteers will assist in helping count the money and confirm the orders. 

_____ Box Tops (Aug-April) – Volunteers will count and review the boxtops for expiration and submit to the committee chairperson.

_____ Fall Festival (Oct) – This is a family fun night at Thomas Street. It is a carnival atmosphere with food and games, raffle for prizes and an auction for classroom artwork. Volunteering opportunities range from organizing the raffle to taking up tickets to assisting with the games.

_____ Valentine’s Hearts (late Jan-Feb) –  The children can purchase hearts in honor of school staff members. Volunteers will assist in collecting the money and organizing the purchasing of the hearts.

_____ Tiger Trot Fundraiser (Mar-Apr) – Fundraiser where the children take pledges either based on how many laps they run or a lump sum donation. The children LOVE this event. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities with this event too, from counting the laps to organizing the snacks for the children.

_____ Hospitality (Aug-May) – This is a chance to show the teachers how much we appreciate what they do, from teaching our children to loving them in our absence. There are many opportunities to volunteer here, including helping organize lunch for them on 60% days, a bringing food for the Christmas brunch and so on. 

_____ Book Fair (twice a year) – The book fair is set up in the library and volunteers would assist in collecting money, helping the children find books and keeping the book fair books organized. 

_____ Arts Festival (Apr – May) – The children spend the day making different art projects. This is a special fun day for the children where they get to experience art through many different mediums. Volunteers would assist the children in making the art and preparing the art centers  for each class. 

_____ Homeroom Parent (Aug-May) – Volunteer opportunities are various in this position. This does give the volunteers the opportunity to spend time communicating with your child’s teacher and being an important part of the classroom. 

_____ Yearbook (Aug-May) – Volunteers will assist in taking pictures at events and organizing those into classes, assisting in the actual creation of the yearbook and in deciding what the yearbook will look like. We will need a volunteer for each pod. 

_____ Uncertain- please call me or email when there are opportunities to be involved. 

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