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Welcome to Tupelo Bands!

Lions Band TUPELO Northeast Honor Band Students
                              Northeast Mississippi District Honor Band Members
                                             (Not Pictured Caitlin Gardner and Analiese Kent)

On behalf of the Tupelo Band Program, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the Golden Wave band members and their parents.

The Tupelo Band Program is a high-energy organization that strives to both educate and entertain our city and the surrounding areas. Our band program is proud to represent Tupelo, MS and acts as an ambassador of goodwill in all its endeavors. This exemplary music program inspires young musicians to master their art and work as a team to achieve the highest level of craft and character.

The Tupelo High School Band is supported by the Tupelo Middle School and Milam School Bands. Beginning in sixth grade and progressing through eighth grade, these students develop skills necessary to place them in a competitive arena of musical exploration at THS. A diligent program of instruction ensures that each of the 450+ middle school members (grades 6-8) develop properly and in a time schedule that ensures success at the high school level.

It is a pleasure that you have joined us in making and performing music with the Tupelo Band program as we journey together to strive for excellence in every way.

Tupelo Band Program

THS Band Philosophy

Tupelo Band Philosophy Philosophy of the Tupelo Bands

          The Band and Color Guard program are part of the Tupelo Public School Performing Arts Department, which is comprised of dedicated faculty and staff committed to inspiring students to achieve performance excellence.  The students’ artistic experience involves training in the areas of music, dance, and instrumental or equipment technique, as well as musical and theatrical expression.

             Specialized instructions provided in theses areas are designed to encourage students to develop their skills to the maximum potential for the entire ensemble.  This instruction also places emphasis on the mental and physical discipline.   All of these elements are essential in preparation and execution of superior presentations.
             Although the Band and Guard staff at Tupelo strives for the highest standards in musicality, performance, artistry, and creativity, we believe this must be balanced by a wide variety of learning experiences in order for students to achieve personal growth.