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  • TPSD’s Innovation Department strives to find innovative programs and corresponding funding sources to meet the needs of all students in the district. The department was created in September 2018 with the hiring of the Innovation Program Facilitator, and the first priority of the department was to work to gather feedback from the students, parents, faculty/staff, and community members to identify the greatest needs of the district. The results of this feedback cycle were utilized to funnel into the District of Innovation application and the student-based budgeting process. The official application focuses on making sure all students leave the school district college and career ready with an emphasis on grade level appropriate programs and student support services across the following cohorts:
    • Pre-K through 5th Grade – Career Opportunities
    • 6th-8th Grade – Career Exploration
    • 9th-12th Grade – Career Enhancement
  • Innovation Description Paragraph 2 - The Tupelo
  • The Tupelo Public School District (TPSD) plans to become a Mississippi Department of Education designated District of Innovation in alignment with our mission to serve our community by engaging each student in an excellent education. The following is an overview of the timeline:
    • September – December 2018 – TPSD greatest needs feedback and synthesis
    • January 2019 – TPSD greatest needs share out to the TPSD board and broader community
    • January – April 2019 – Deep dive into innovative program research and development aligned to the TPSD identified greatest needs
    • May – July 2019 – Alignment of the TPSD greatest needs and District of Innovation work to inform student-based budgeting process
    • August 31, 2019 – Deadline to submit letter of intent for District of Innovation application to MDE
    • November 5, 2019 – Official approval of District of Innovation application at TPSD board of trustees meeting
    • December 3, 2019 – Deadline to submit District of Innovation application to the designated Mississippi Department of Education office
    • December 2019 – TPSD interview with Mississippi Department of Education team
    • February 2020 – District of Innovation application brought before the Mississippi State Board of Education
    • March 2020 – Determination of the District of Innovation designation

Innovation Programs