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Chain of Communication for
Tupelo Public School District

    Who do I call with a question or suggestion?
     The Tupelo Public School District has developed communication protocols to promote direct, open and respectful interactions so that problems and concerns can be worked out quickly and efficiently. The communication protocol starts with the staff member closest to the situation, as that person will usually have the most information. At times, additional personnel are required to resolve specific situations. Appropriate communication channels for a variety of topics are listed below. The district encourages any and all questions from parents and residents regarding school matters.

Who to Contact

  • Classroom issues should first be directed to the classroom teacher.

  • School issues should first be directed to the school principal.

  • District issues should be directed to the administrator responsible for the program or service involved.

  • Operational or management issues are best directed to the school personnel or District Office personnel closest to the area of concern.

If the first-level of communication does not resolve the issue, the immediate supervisor, principal or superintendent should be the next contact.