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Welcome to Shoreline Cafe

Meals at TPSD are going to be swimmingly good this year. Our partnership with Chartwells Dining  Services will take our cafeteria meals to the next level. Our goal is to make our students healthier and happier! THS and TMS will be able to eat at  Shoreline Cafe, the cafeterias at their campuses. All cafeterias will see a difference in the food with the innovative programs to encourage discovery and fun!

Shoreline Cafe Healthy Choice Menus

Menus will be available at TMS and THS at a variety of food stations. Pre-K through 6 will go through one line to get their choices.
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Food Stations

Grab and Gold

In a hurry, grab a salad or sandwich and a drink at our Grab and GOld station!

Tasty Waves

Asian inspired food
Create your lunch with a mix of flavors! (Mexican, Asian, etc)
Students will build their own plate and taste of flavors. 

Tide and Table

meat and side
All the home cook favorites that you grew up with will fill you up! Spaghetti and meatballs with breadsticks,
Salisbury steak, cheesy macaroni and chicken tenders, mashed potato chicken bowls will be some of your choices.

Blue Wave Grill

hamburger and fries
As always, the classic cheeseburger, hamburger, grilled chicken sandwich will be available. We will also have  specialty sandwiches, pepperoni and mozzarella paninis, grilled cheese, and roasted vegetables sandwiches.


Latin American favorites with your classic beef or chicken tacos and burritos, enchiladas, quesadilla, and many more dishes. Also, student favorites, beef, chicken, or vegetarian nachos!

Pizza Pier

This line will include a variety of pizza from specialty toppings-meat lovers, buffalo chicken, fresh veggie, and many more as well as your classics cheese, pepperoni, sausage offered daily.

Dunes Deli

Coming soon, fresh bread and a variety of meats, cheese, and toppings to make your own creative sandwich.

Surfing Salads

salad bar


Extra extra, load up on all your favorite fruits and vegetables from fresh apples and oranges, in season fruits, blueberries, cucumbers, carrots, celery and many more choices to enjoy.

School Meal Account Policy

  1.    Students without meal money are allowed to charge meals at the school cafeteria up to -$25.00.
  2. TPSD School Nutrition Department will contact who have negative balances.  An automated text will go out on Thursday evening at 6:45 when the student has reached a low balance of$5.00, then a negative balance of -$5.00, then a negative balance of -$10.00, and negative of -$15.00 or more.
  3. The text at $15.00 or more will state, "Students who owe a balance of -$25.00 will be given an alternate lunch until the balance of the student's account is paid."  The text will include the link to the free/reduced lunch application.  The text will also include the link to myschoolbucks to pay the student's account.  This text will be sent daily.
  4. The food service department will call parents whose children are consistently negative after other efforts have been exhausted.
  5.  TPSD includes the meal application as a part of the student registration packet to assist with decreasing the amount of school meal charges.
  6.  TPSD prohibits adults from taking food intended for student consumption (i. e. reimbursable meals served to students through NSLP, SBP, and ASCP.
  7.  TPSD prohibits the use of food (including the denial of food) as a form of punishment.
  8.    TPSD prohibits adults from gleaning food items from Share Tables, and prevents adults from taking leftovers items distributed through the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP)
[Note: While FFVP regulations do allow teachers to consume fruits or vegetables under very specific conditions (as outlined on pg.10 of the FFVP), it is not appropriate for FFVP leftovers to be taken by adults and consumed outside the classroom.  All FFVP leftovers should be returned to the SFA to be stored or discarded.]

Payments and Prices




Breakfast Extra Food Prices

  • Breakfast Entree Item-$1.50
  • Bread Only-$1.00
  •  Meat Only- $1.00
  • Cereal Bar, Cereal Bowl-$1.00
  • Fruit/Fruit juice/4 oz. -$1.00
  • Milk -$1.00  
  • String Cheese -$1.00
  • Yogurt/4oz.-$1.00

Lunch Extra Food Prices

  • Lunch entrée  item- $3.00
  • Bread item -$1.00
  • Vegetable/Vegetable Juice-$1.00
  • Fruit/Fruit Juice-$1.00
  • Milk-$1.00
  • Cookie (Staff Only)- $.50
  • Yogurt/4oz.-$1.00
  • Bottled Water, 16 ounces- $1.25
  • Bottled Water, 8 ounces- $.75
  • Ice Cream Items-$1.00
  • Premium Ice Cream Novelty Items-$1.50-$2.00
  • Sweet Tea, refill 12 ounces in foam cup-$1.00

Contact Us

Cynthia Moore
Cindy Moore
Child Nutrition Director
Richmond Smith
Richmond Smith
Director of Dining Services
Chef Joe Wallace
Chef Joe Wallace


Department Directory
Suzie Parker
Assistant Child Nutrition Director
Aimee Herndon
Special Functions Coordinator
Stephanie Cook
Office Manager



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