Report Waste

TPSD will protect against waste, fraud and abuse. An employee can report waste, fraud and abuse by calling a whistleblower hotline number (662-598-4445) or accessing a link found on the district website. A whistleblower is an employee/person who notices and reports wrongdoing within the organization and are protected under the law.

All information concerning the identity of a person or group of persons making a complaint is strictly confidential and will not be released by this office unless pursuant to an order by competent judicial authority. However, such information may be shared with other governmental agencies that become involved during the course of any related investigation. Mississippi public employees are protected by the Whistleblower Act (M.C.A. 25-9-171 ET SEQ) from retaliation resulting directly from truthfully testifying or providing information of improper governmental action.

I do certify that the statements mentioned in the above complaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and are made of my own free will. I understand that false reporting of a crime (97-35-47) or any element of a crime to any law enforcement officer or to any officer of any court is a crime punishable by one year imprisonment and payment to the law enforcement agency or court of all costs and expenses involved in the investigation of the false crime. This law is strictly enforced.​​​​​​​​​​

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