About Our School

Carver Elementary School is located in Tupelo, Mississippi at 910 North Green Street. Built in 1938, the school is rich in the history of our community!! Carver is a kindergarten-first grade elementary school in the Tupelo Public School District with a current population of 253 students and 48 staff members. We love our school!! Our focus is on academic success as well as physical and social growth and development.

Carver Elementary School is a safe and secure learning environment. The committed Carver staff provides an atmosphere of challenging academic programs that will promote lifelong learning, responsibility, principles of citizenship and wise decision making. High expectations with accountability for all students and staff create a vibrant school community.

Staff Beliefs:

  • Children are the focus of the educational process.
  • All children are capable of learning and are accountable for their performance and behavior.
  • Children have different learning styles.
  • Children learn at different rates and times.
  • Everyone deserves respect.
  • Students can develop self-discipline and responsibility.
  • A strong, school-parent community relationship is vital for the success of students.
  • Communication is the key factor in the school-home relationship.
  • The school should possess an atmosphere of warmth, happiness and security.