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Parent/Teacher Organizations

Parents are a vital part of our student, school, and district success. Each school in the Tupelo Public School District is supported by an active Parent/Teacher organization. These volunteer groups work closely with administrators, teachers, and staff to provide supplemental resources, hands-on assistance, and encouragement throughout the year in a variety of ways.
All parents are encouraged to join your child(ren)'s Parent/Teacher organization. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for parent involvement and support. 
Visit your school's website for more information on meeting times, specific involvement opportunities, and officer contact information.

PTO Presidents

Carver Elementary
Kate Farabaugh
Ashley Martin
Joyner Elementary
Meg Curtis
Jessica Barnes
Susanna Pace
Parkway Elementary
Staci Blaylock
Karmel Davis
Thomas Street
Ashley McLellan
Misty Rigby
Amanda Michael
Lawhon Elementary
Emily Jarrett
Ashley Benjamin
Lawndale Elementary
Chris Montgomery
Pierce Street
Dr. Chris Bergmann
Rachel Wood
Rankin Elementary
Gwen Cordell
Kim Root
Amy Counce
Aaron Washington
Tupelo Middle School
Amy Giorgenti
Eartha Bradley
Tupelo High School
Kate Farabaugh
Trentice Imbler