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TPSD Wellness Information

Dear TPSD Staff and Faculty:

Over the last year, many of you have taken advantage of the free fitness membership at the NMMC Wellness Center. Because of your high level of participation, the Board of Trustees recently approved continuing this commitment for another 3 years.

There has been one slight change to this benefit - to keep your membership active, you're asked to attend 6 times per quarter. If the membership is terminated, a $50 registration fee will assessed to rejoin.

Below are important details:
· This benefit is available to all full-time employees and their family members (ages 13 and over) who are currently covered under our BCBS health plan. It is also available to all full-time employees who are eligible for coverage but have elected to use another health care plan.
· There is a one-time assessment fee of $50 per person; existing members will not be assessed. The assessment takes about an hour.
· If you are an existing member, notify the Wellness Center so that you can begin receiving this benefit.
· Contact Philip Raper at 377-4145 at the Wellness Center to schedule your assessment.

Your health matters to us. If you'd like to start off the new year with this benefit, I encourage you to call.


Gearl Loden, Ph.D.

Know Your Benefits

Did you know that you could be leaving approximately $1,500 on the table by not utilizing your wellness/preventative services? See the attachment according to your age group to determine which diagnostic tests are allowed and provided at 100% coverage. This benefit is per calendar year starting over each January.
For more information, click here for the Mississippi State and School Employees website.