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Substitute Teachers 

Arrangements for securing substitute teachers are handled by the TPSD Human Resource Department.  A completed application packet is required in order to be added to the list of approved substitute teachers. 
Applicants for substitute teaching positions complete the licensed position application through our Online Application system, the same application that regular teachers complete. Only Mississippi licensed applicants may use the licensed application.

Once your application is complete, your name will be submitted to the TPSD Board of Trustees. Upon their approval, you will be placed on the Substitute Teachers’ List. 

All substitute teachers will be selected from this list. Those appearing on the list must be available for any assignment at any school, early childhood through grade 12, unless an exception has been documented by the Human Resource Department.   Restricted substitutes will appear on the master substitute list, and those with exceptions will be noted to indicate a specific subject(s) and/or restriction(s).

Whenever possible, calls will be made to you in advance. However, because the need for this service is so unpredictable, some calls may be placed with little notice until mid-morning.

For information on substitute pay refer to TPSD Board Policy GCG.