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What do they do? 

Student Services Coordinators are teachers who provide instructional, career, collaborative, and supportive assistance to career and technical education (CTE) students. While they are required to provide assistance to all career and technical education students, their primary charge is to identify and assess students to determine their qualification as “special populations” and any appropriate additional services needed. Collaborations include parent, community, business, and industry and working within the school system to best promote success for career and technical education and special populations students. In addition, duties of the Student Services Coordinators focus on the recruitment, enrollment, instruction, retention, placement, and follow‐up of special populations students preparing for high‐skill, high‐wage, high‐demand occupations and/or nontraditional employment in new and emerging careers. The purpose of the instructional services provided by Student Services Coordinators is to enable special populations students to be successful in their chosen career and technical education program and to prepare them for academic and career success. It is the responsibility of Student Services Coordinators to be vanguards for gender equity in the curriculum, especially in the attitude toward and recruitment of nontraditional students.


• Identify and assess special populations students.
• Provide additional educational instruction and developmental services to special populations students, as identified through assessment.
• Provide for appropriate vocational assessment of interest, abilities, aptitudes, and specific needs of special populations students.
• Ensure that special populations students are provided equal access to recruitment, enrollment, retention, completion, placement activities, and preparatory and support service.
• Support special populations students with services such as (a) curriculum, classroom, and equipment modifications; (b) supportive personnel; (c) instructional aids and devices; (d) academic assistance; and (e) equal access to nontraditional education and training programs, pre‐employment services, and so forth.
• Provide transitional information and services for all special populations students.
• Assist special populations students in the achievement and mastery of necessary skills andexplanations required for them to be successful in their vocational programs.
• Provide services to prepare special populations students for nontraditional education, training, and employment in high‐skill, high‐wage, high‐demand occupations.
• Maintain records and documentation detailing services and activities provided to special populations students. 

 Who are they?                                                  

               Mrs. Johnson   

Mrs. Cerritos Johnson - Mrs. Cerritos Johnson has been at THS since 2007, and she began working with Student Services in 2010.
Aprille Dozier  
Mrs. April Cardenas - Mrs. Cardenas has been working at THS since 2009, and she began working with Student Services in 2015. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education (English) and a Master's Degree in School Counseling.