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Tupelo Career-Technical Center

At the Tupelo Career-Technical Center @ Tupelo High School, we help train a qualified workforce for today’s competitive job market. We have programs that are research-based and meet national and/or accreditation standards. They also constantly evolve in response to changing workforce needs. Because Career and Technical Education is critical to our state's economic development, we often partner with local business leaders to achieve common goals.
Our programs cross a variety of disciplines to help students prepare for the working world.  It combines rigorous academics with technical training toward a variety of credentials.
Our student organizations add to overall educational experience.  They help build social, leadership and teamwork skills, as well as self-confidence.
Tupelo Career-Technical Center follows a standardized, state-wide curriculum. 
We help students develop the skills they need to achieve their college and career goals. 
Evet Topp, Director 
Shannon Witty, Secretary
4125 Golden Wave Drive
Tupelo, MS 38801

Phone (662) 841-8990
Fax  (662) 840-8799


           Marketing CPAS 80% or Above:
        Engineering CPAS 80% or Above:
2nd Year