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Tupelo Public School District

 • TPSD is now ranked 16th out of 147 districts in our state.
•  Our graduation rate is over 80%, which is in the top third tier in the state.
•  65% of all of our students are currently on all "A" honor roll or all "A/B" honor roll.
•  TPSD provides a superior educational path phasing in the new MS College & Career Readiness standards in grades Pre-K through 12th.
•  With 16 different languages spoken by members of our student body we celebrate cultural diversity throughout our district.
•  Our students have access to over 5,000 laptops for individual use as well as 585 ipads and tablets and with more than 500 interactive boards in our schools, our students as well as our staff are embracing cutting edge technology on a daily basis.
• With over 40% holding advanced degrees, Tupelo teachers are the cornerstone of our school system. Among this group of educators are recipients of the presidential teacher awards in math and science, Apple’s distinguished educator award in technology as well as MS Master Teacher hall of fame inductees.
• Tupelo High School, the state’s largest high school, culminates excellence in education offering 21 advanced placement courses with over 100 ACT Scholar students. Last year's graduating class of 434 students received over $11 million dollars in scholarships, including over $88 thousand in local dollars. 46% graduated with honors and our students went on to attend regional universities and Ivy League schools across the nation.
• Our high school also has award-winning performing and visual arts programs which are recognized throughout the southeast, recently wining a recent National Scholastic Arts Award. 
• TPSD’s Athletics program has won over 100 state championships in the last 25 years and our Student Athlete GPA is 3.6.
• A nationally-recognized arts-integration program exists in our Pre-K through 8th Grades thanks to a partnership with the MS Arts Commission.
• Our "MKAS" scores, which indicate kindergarten readiness, are the 12th highest in the state and our pre-K program at the Early Childhood Education Center has received the US Department of Education’s Title 1 Distinguished School Award.
• The district enjoys a partnership with the community organization, Association of Excellence in Education, which has funded over 2.5 million dollars in teacher grants for our classrooms.
• Partnering with the Tupelo Parks & Recreation Department, we have taught over 3,000 1st and 2nd graders how to swim with our ongoing "Little Ripples" program.
• Our students participate in the Healthy Tupelo Task Force’s healthy initiatives as we continue to promote living a healthy lifestyle throughout our district and our Pre-K through 2nd grades continue to flourish in our Farm to School program called "Growing Healthy Waves."
• Our staff, parents, and students have access to hundreds of web-based, digital tools including several hundred e-books, allowing them to access TPSD at all times from anywhere.
 For more information about our district, please visit us online at www.tupeloschools.com and follow us on twitter and YouTube and be sure to download our TPSD app from iTunes or Google Play.