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About Our Community

Tupelo is located in the northeast corner of Mississippi. Tupelo Public Schools is the 4th largest employer in Tupelo/Lee County.
The Tupelo, Mississippi, micropolitan area has been named by the ACCRA Cost of Living Index as the 8th least expensive place to live in the United States for the year-end average of 2008 by the ACCRA Cost of Living Index. The Tupelo micropolitan area includes Lee, Pontotoc, and Itawamba counties. Last year, Tupelo was named an All American City for the fourth time.

From healthcare to education, tourism to economic development, Tupelo is a diverse and progressive city that is moving confidently and energetically into the 21st Century.
Tupelo is recognized around the world as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. The small, shotgun house where Elvis was born, and the adjacent Elvis Presley Museum and memorial chapel, draw nearly 100,000 visitors each year. They are centerpieces of Tupelo’s $46 million tourism and hospitality industry.
Supervisors and CREATE Foundation have established the Lee County/Marchbanks Helping Hand Tuition Guarantee Program. Beginning with the Class of 2009, Lee County high school graduates from Baldwyn, Mooreville, Nettleton, Shannon, Saltillo, and Tupelo will receive two full years of tuition-free assistance to Itawamba Community College.