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Make Every Day Count!

Our students' attendance matters every day. This year, the MS Department of Education requires that students are present for 63% of the instructional day (this excludes recess, lunch and breaks). We know that sometimes early checkouts are necessary. Checkout times vary according to each school's unique schedule. At THS, for your student to be considered "present" for the day, please check out AFTER 2pm.
Attendance Reminders:
1.  Students are allowed a maximum of (3) excused parental absences per semester
2.  Written absence MUST be in attendance office within (3) days of absence
3.  Note MUST have student's full name, grade and date of absence
4.  VERY IMPORTANT - Parents Checking students IN or OUT of school MUST come in with the student to the attendance office to sign them IN or OUT.     The parent signature is the excused absence.  WITHOUT the parent being there the the CHECK-IN/OUT is UNEXCUSED.  Many of our students are checking in/out without parents and are getting unexcused absences.
Attendance Email :  thsattendance@tupeloschools.com
Attendance Phone Number:  662-841-8974
Attendance Fax: 662-840-1838