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TPSD Connects You... to your Career, Future, and Community!

Are you a Wave Maker?

The Tupelo Public School District has a unique way of connecting our students, alumni, families, businesses, and community as a whole in a matchless union that not only reflects the strength of our district,
but also showcases the talented, passionate, successful, and devoted body of those who are the TPSD family. 
"TPSD Connects You..." is a promotional campaign which will allow us to present those special "Wave Makers" who are currently TPSD students, TPSD graduates, TPSD families who have been a part of our district for generations, TPSD business leaders, and TPSD community leaders to the community through a variety of mediums
involving print, broadcast and digital media.
Our focus will be to show how TPSD has connected and played a part with each individual and their successes and achievements in their lives. We will ultimately show how TPSD connects us all through the ripple effect of these "waves" or "differences" that have been made by our TPSD family members!  The common thread is TPSD. We want to emphasize how powerful this thread has been and continues to be for our district.
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