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Lawndale Christmas Play

Students and cops

Shop With a Cop

Katie Coon

Gingerbread Girl Spotted

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Milam and TMS
Christmas Concert


All Smiles Back from Break!

 Congratulations Dr. Thomas
TPSD Administrator of the Year


Happy Thanksgiving!


Carver's Turkey Trot!


Joyner Had a Barn Dance!

TSE Celebrates Barnes'
NYC Marathon Run


TPSD Celebrates Another "A"

Tupelo Boys

 Tupelo Boys
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Community Voices

Lawhon Principal and 2nd grader
Wesley & Lilah Kate McCullough

The city of Tupelo and TPSD will always hold a special place in my heart. It's where I learned to read and write, learned to make friends, how to persevere through academics and athletics, and was allowed the opportunity to have fun along the way. It is a blessing to know my daughters will get that same experience in the years to come. Go Wave!


~Wesley McCullough, Lawhon Principal & Lilah Kate, Lawhon 3rd grader~

Brielle Johnson, Carver Student

"I love Tupelo Schools! The teachers are nice and all my classes are my favorite. I love the cafeteria's pizza and cheeseburgers. My brother and sister go to school here too."

Brielle Johnson~2nd Grader~ Carver Student

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown,TMS Student, 2023 Middle School Adidas Indoor 3K National Champ

"What Tupelo Schools means to me is community. A community that is built upon amazing teachers, hardworking peers, and excellent coaches that push me to be my best. Tupelo Schools have and will forever be a starting point for people's passions, careers, and unforgettable lives."

 Andrew Brown~TMS Student~ National Champ


Heather Cartwright
Heather Cartwright, Rankin Principal, TPSD Administrator of the year

The Tupelo Public School District has fostered my love of teaching, leading, and serving. Not only am I fortunate enough to work in a district that challenges me daily to be my best for my teachers and students, but I trust this district with my most important assets, my two children! It is truly an honor to be a part of something as special as the Tupelo Public School district.

~Heather Cartwright- Rankin Principal- TPSD Admin of the Year~



Anne Marie Goad and Wavely
Anne Marie Goad, Counselor; Wavely, Therapy Dog

“TPSD is where I found my calling and purpose in life. It is a place where I have had the privilege of having so many meaningful relationships and experiences that have shaped who I am today. Also a place that has loved and nurtured my own two children. I cannot imagine where I would be today without the students and staff of TPSD and for that I am forever grateful.”

"I am pawsitive that TPSD is the most pawsome school! The teachers and students are rebarkable. I am barking it from the wooftops, TPSD is the best!"

~Anne Marie Goad and Wavely~


Addy Stanford
Addy Stanford, THS Senior

“In my 14 years at TPSD, it’s been so much more than just a school. It is the place I made my first friends, found new passions for athletics and academics, and connected with the most amazing people and mentors. TPSD has been a pillar that has helped shape me into the person I am today and the person I will be in the future!”

- Addy Stanford~THS Senior

Tupelo Public School District

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Athletic teams competing for the Golden Wave

3.4 M

More than $3.4 million in grants provided by Association for Excellence in Education since 1983


"A" Rated School


National Board Certified Teachers


Nationalities represented by the student body


Growing Healthy Waves connects with 10 schools so students get involved in gardening, trying new foods and  making connections with locally sourced fruits and vegetables.


Middle College students graduating with high school diploma and associates degree since 2021


Student Athlete GPA: 3.64