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Tupelo vs. Starkville
North Half Finals

3rd grade students

Thank You to Our Veterans

Baseball Signing Day 2022

Business Brew Opens at THS
Thanks AEE!

No. 1, 11-0 &
Division Champs

Teacher and students in costumes

Happy Halloween TPSD!

student and teacher

Lawhon Disney Raffle Fun!

Joyner Students

Swinging at the Pumpkin Patch!

Lawhon students

Put a Cap on Drugs!

Fire Safety Training
At Parkway

HC Float


THS homecoming queen and escort

Congratulations Paris Donegan
2022 Homecoming Queen

Lawhon Students

Let's Go Wave!


Spirit Week 2022!

We Love When "A"
Plan Comes Together

Teachers Dancing

It's an "A" Celebration!

Thomas St Students

AEE & Elvis Through the Decades


Go Wave!

winners of Kay Bishop Innovation Award

Kay Bishop Innovation Award Winners

Zell Long and Camille Reed Sloan

Jack Reed, Sr. Award Winner: Zell Long

THS 9/11 Tribute

student greeting interviewer

Successful Mock Interviews

Wavely the dog

Go Wavely!

Community Voices

Anne Marie Goad and Wavely
Anne Marie Goad, Counselor; Wavely, Therapy Dog

“TPSD is where I found my calling and purpose in life. It is a place where I have had the privilege of having so many meaningful relationships and experiences that have shaped who I am today. Also a place that has loved and nurtured my own two children. I cannot imagine where I would be today without the students and staff of TPSD and for that I am forever grateful.”

"I am pawsitive that TPSD is the most pawsome school! The teachers and students are rebarkable. I am barking it from the wooftops, TPSD is the best!"

~Anne Marie Goad and Wavely~


Addy Stanford
Addy Stanford, THS Senior

“In my 14 years at TPSD, it’s been so much more than just a school. It is the place I made my first friends, found new passions for athletics and academics, and connected with the most amazing people and mentors. TPSD has been a pillar that has helped shape me into the person I am today and the person I will be in the future!”

- Addy Stanford~THS Senior

Katie Coon, ECEC principal
Mrs. Katie Coon, New ECEC principal

“I am honored to lead one of Tupelo’s most invaluable resources, the Early Childhood Education Center. ECEC has an incredible legacy, and I look forward to working with the staff to strengthen the positive impact that the school has in our community and beyond."


~ Katie Coon- Newly named ECEC principal

Dr. Melissa Thomas
Dr. Melisssa Thomas, New THS Principal

Dr. Thomas is a natural motivator, gifted public speaker and is skilled at establishing a culture of mutual responsibility. "We want to get in there and go to work and make it the best of the best," Thomas said. "When you say Tupelo, it means something. It means excellence. And I'm proud to be a part of something that can be so special."


~Dr. Melissa Thomas, newly named THS principal

Jack Reed Jr.
Jack Reed Jr., TPSD Alumni

I was very fortunate to grow up in a great Tupelo Public School system! Caring, bright teachers gave me an excellent preparation for college and law school. Both our son and daughter had excellent educational opportunities in the TPSD as well.

My vision is for TPSD to be one of the Top 10 Public School Systems in America. Our business and family is committed to do our part to make this a reality.

~Jack Reed Jr. Tupelo business man and former mayor

Jonah Underwood
Jonah Underwood, Rankin Student

The spelling bee is a big deal to me because only one kid each year can win and it's very special. I like Tupelo schools because all my friends are here. I have a lot of good memories in the Tupelo schools. So, the Tupelo Public School District and the spelling bee mean a lot to me.


Jonah Underwood~ TPSD Spelling Bee Winner


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